We are like fractions
We are divided into two
But because of our love to each other
You and I become a whole

You are part of mine
I am your numerator
You are my denominator
That match each other, aren’t we?

My love for you is like a percentage
I can give you a hundred percent of me
100% of my love will be just for you
Because 100% of you is all I want too

Struggles and challenges came
All the happiness became sadness
Half of me is lost
Now our whole is gone

Loving you is hard like a repeating decimals
I’ve repeatedly experienced the pain
Pain that was caused by you
Pain that drowned me to break through

The reason why I am like this
Is because you converted us to you and your new
It hurts, thinking that we are meant to be
But the reality, we can’t be

Is our relationship going to be like decimals?
That needs a dot to be put on
You and I need to move on
Our whole needs to breakdown

Thank you for being part of me
Thank you for the smiles that you gave to me
Thank you for the days that there was only me and you
And for the last time, thank you and I love you


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